Surgical Procedures

Dr. Wood provides co-management for several types of surgical procedures. She does not perform the surgery herself, but rather evaluates before and after the procedure. Types of surgery can include laser vision correction, cataract removal, diabetes-related and/or glaucoma-related surgeries.

LASIK is a corneal reshaping procedure that combines the precision of laser technology with the rapid visual recovery of making a corneal flap. Laser vision correction surgery can be performed on most types of prescriptions. Generally, the correction is for distance and reading glasses may need to be worn. Dr. Wood’s offices provide consultations, pre-op, and post-op care but refer out for the surgery itself.

Cataracts are diagnosed when the lens (the structure behind the colored part of the eye) begins to change color and cause decreased, cloudy vision. The procedure is performed on one eye at a time. In general, cataract surgery is completely covered by insurance. There are specialty lens implants that provide for better vision and less dependence on glasses.